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  • Product Manual:iTracer is an industrial grade product with advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm. It can deliver the maximum available power for charging batteries and charge a lower nominal voltage

• Advanced MPPT algorithm with the max. tracking efficiency of 99%
• Multi-phase synchronous rectification technology realizing peak conversion efficiency 98%
• Dual-core(ARM CPU+DSP) control architecture improves the system response speed and optimizes the performance of the system
• Advanced MPPT technology, with efficiency no less than 99.5%
• Maximum conversion efficiency of 98% and full load efficiency of 97%
• MSRT, realizing high conversion efficiency in the situation of low charge power
• Ultra-fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking efficiency
• Accurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power points
• Reliable automatic limit function of maximum PV input power, ensuring no overload
• Wide MPP operating voltage range
• High-speed and high-powered dual-core processor architecture, improving system response speed, optimizing system performance
• Die-cast aluminum case for heat dissipating, ensuring excellent heat dissipation characteristic
• 12/24/36/48VDC automatically identifying system voltage or user-defined working voltage
• Concise human-computer interactive interface, convenient multiple combination keys, dynamically displaying system operating data and working condition.
• Multiple load control modes: manual control, light ON/OFF, light on+timer and time control.
• Support 4 charging options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User.
• Battery temperature compensation function.
• Real-time energy statistics function.
• With RS-485, RS-232 communication bus interface and Modbus communication protocol, it is available to meet various communication requirements in different situations.
• Available for PC monitoring and external display unit connecting like MT50 and so on, realizing real-time data checking and parameters setting.
• Support software upgrade.

Electronic Protections:
• PV short circuit  protection
• PV over current protection
• PV reverse polarity protection
• Battery over voltage protection
• Battery over discharge protection
• Battery reverse polarity protection
• Load overload protection
• Load short circuit protection
• Battery overheating protection
• Controller overheating protection

Technical Data:
 Model iTracer3415ND iTracer4415ND  iTracer6415ND
 Rated Battery Current 30A  45A  60A 
 Rated Load Current 30A 45A 60A
 Overall Dimension 385*219*102mm  382*231*107mm 440*231*110mm
 Net Weight 3.7kg 4.6kg 5.9kg


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