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Cinco Solar- Photovoltaics Solutions


Zhenhai New Town is located in the coast of east China sea,the south of Yangtze River delta,planning area of 46 square kilometers.Since the comprehensive star of development and construction,Zhenhai new town closely around the Ningbo municipal Party committee and municipal government for the development strategy of "Central enhance",planning and construction of three plate,such as the core area of the new town,Leisure base camp,and Ningbo Botanical Garden etc.focus on building high-quality urban economic platform,Make full efforts to build north business center of Ningbo central city,strive to build a not only reflect the cultural connotation of business, but also reflects the characteristics of the south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River business,education and scientific research, administrative culture, modern living as one integrated new city.
With the rapid development of urban economy.The characteristic trade circle of commerce,trade and business for new town will forms a certain scale.The public facilities of Medical education, road network traffic, landscape parks and others are basically perfect.The elements of flow of people, capital flow, information flow are rapid gathering.Zhenhai New Town will become economic development Plateau and the main windows of show the entrepreneurial innovation and quality&happiness city image.

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