Cinco Solar- Photovoltaics Solutions

Cinco Solar- Photovoltaics Solutions



Utility-scale PV Solutions

Large-scale ground PV power plant cover all kinds of application scenarios,such as comprehensive land management,agriculture and light complementary,floating on the water,forest etc. To provide solutions for environmental comprehensive treatment and new energy industry application.

Distributed PV Solutions

Distributed PV grid connected generation is a small and medium-sized distributed photovoltaic power generation field, composed of PV module array, combining box, grid inverter and other components, without battery energy storage, through the grid inverter,the electric energy input into the public power grid directly.

Energy Storega Solutions

Energy storage PV system consists of solar panel, energy storage inverter, power grid, battery bank. The power generated by the solar system can be supplied to the local load or into the grid, and can charge the energy storage equipment, to realize the two-way function of off-grid and on-grid power generation.

Off Grid Solutions

The off-grid system consists of PV modules, charge controller, battery group and inverter. The system generate power,then the controller control battery charging, and the power inverter convert DC to AC to supply power to load. It is mainly used in the area of no electricity or power shortage.





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